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Apr. 19th, 2008


Updated Assault wins

Leujaoam Cleansing
Escorting Professor Chanoix
Shanarha Grass Conservation
Counting Sheep
Imperial Agent Rescue
Preemptive Strike
Breaking Morale
The Double Agent
Excavation Duty
Evade and Escape
Siegemaster Assassination
Apkallu Breeding
Saving Private Ryaaf
Shooting Down the Baron
Building Bridges
Golden Salvage
Lamia No. 13
Demolition Duty
Searat Salvation
Apkallu Seizure

Mar. 31st, 2008


Assault Wins

Leujaom Cleansing
Imperial Agent Rescue
Preemptive Strike
Excavation Duty
Saving Private Ryaaf
Golden Salvage
Lamia No.13

Mar. 17th, 2008


Also this weekend

Sunday morning we tried to do Bastok Mission 9-2...however when we got to the BC...Andy hadn't gotten his cut scene... v.v We tried to go without him, but we failed miserably.
But! We tried again later with a different strategy...Andy and Lei both died but we won! Rank 10 Bastok! Yay~! =D I didn't stay Rank 10 long though. Changed to San d'oria later that night. I'm a Rank 1 Noob again~!
I also did Limbus for the first time on Sunday. It was pretty interesting. I was one of the few that survived a wipe to 3 mandragoras. >.> Go figure. I got 5 Ancient Beastcoins though! Woohoo! I also got an artifact upgrade item for red mage...which I promptly threw away afterwards. <.< It's just not worth the upgrade. Thief I will upgrade, Red Mage...{No, thanks.}
So, overall, it was a pretty exciting weekend. :)

Two words and a face

{Duelist's Chapeau} =D

Mar. 13th, 2008


[Big Update]

Wow, it's been quite a while since I've updated here. And I've gotten a lot done. Mostly thanks to Leithe, Aeisor, and Andreas.

Finished ZMs up to Ark Angels, so I have sky access and have been attending regularly with TheAlliance. Still need to do Divine Might for my Supponomimi
Finished PMs up to Dawn, so I have Rajas Ring and sea access, though I don't do Limbus or sea activities with any shell. I would like to though. Homam {Yes, please.} among other things.
Windurst Rank 10. Yay!
Working on Bastok Rank 10. Up to 9 right now. Hopefully I'll be finished with that this weekend. After that I'll be moving on to San d'oria for rank 10 and then back to Windy.
Aht Urgan Missions have been suspended somewhere in the middle. Would like to finish those sometime.
Rank up in Assaults. Sounds like I have a static with Leithe and Aeisor now. Hopefully I can get some nice pieces of gear from there.
Campaign, which is new with the Wings of the Goddess expansion, is really, -really- fun. I'm up to {Sterling Star $$} medal.

RDM needs 26 merits to be finished. I've decided I dun want to use RDM unless necessary so I'm not getting any more Rare/Ex gear for it anymore. Other than Relic Armor, which can be stored. And the reason for this is:
THF75! Woohoo! I love THF! It's a lot of fun. ^^ It's kinda hard to get parties sometimes. And I'm thinking I might have to cap exp in Campaign battles since people don't really think of THF when they think TP burn Meripo parties. But hopefully I can start taking THF to sky since we have umpteen RDMs now.
I like to think I have some pretty pimped gear for THF. Not -the- very best but pretty good. I think I do fairly well with the job too. I got a really nice piece of gear last week in sky. {Hecatomb Harness} {mine}! =D I'm absolutely broke now buying the cursed harness though! XD Which brings me to...

Leithe, Andreas and I did some BCNM's a few weeks back that were really profitable. Made about 500k each! Hopefully we can do some more of those again soon.
TheAlliance has been making some big money so sky payouts have been nice. Paid for 2/5 of my heca harness actually.
Going to be doing some harvesting. Leithe suggested I level clothcraft so that I can maybe use some of the things I harvest. If I'm higher level clothcraft I could HQ and possibly make some more money. Some of the things I harvest could be used profitably with alchemy, so I've also been thinking about leveling that as well. It's something to think about. I haven't crafted in a long time because I always seem to lose money skilling up. I'll have to look into it, see if I can find some way to make it worth while. I still want cooking and woodworking to 60.
With 75THF I have Treasure Hunter 3 now, so perhaps I need to look into something I can farm fairly efficiently. Seems whenever I try to farm and sell something on AH the price ends up dropping before anything even sells. Something to research.

Merits: 26 to finish RDM
42 to finish THF
19 Miscellaneous
Gils: Enough so I'm not poor, a few 100k or so.

Sep. 4th, 2007


FFXI goes Pokemon!

So, FFXI has announced that in an update coming soon they will be introducing what they call "The Pit" and a new type of PVP called Pankration. The gist of the game is to take your "Soultrapper" out into the world and trap the souls of monsters across Vana'diel, supposedly, even notorious monsters can be soultrapped. You take these images back to The Pit and have the images turned into summonable monsters who then fight against each other in The Pit cages. Can you say "Pokemon?"
Anyway, here's the offical page from SE explaining the whole thing. SE's Pokemon rip-ff
It makes me wonder, if you really can get notorious monsters to fight for you, could I trap a god from sky and make them fight in the pit? XD Probalby not, but from the sounds of it, you could teach their moves to other creatures. "Wandering Sapling uses Deadly Hold on the Giganto Bugard." rofl Kirin FTW!

Jan. 23rd, 2007


Online Vs. Real Life

My online life is definately more interesting than my real life. By far. And the drama...oi. I think all the drama going on online is what has really gotten me depressed lately. I just don't know how to deal with it. I need a vacation.

Goals for this week:
WHM to 40
Tele-scroll quests

Jan. 17th, 2007



You scored as Bard. You'd be best as a bard. You like to blow on flutes, and sing and play the harp. Not many do, and this job is so rare, parties will dump red mages for you, especially if you do a good job at casting 3 spells for hours on end.






Red Mage




Black Mage






White Mage




Summoner / Beastmaster






Dark Knight


Final Fantasy 11 Job
created with QuizFarm.com

I found this fitting, as I have one char who's main is Bard, I really do like playing Thief, and my main char's main is Red Mage. Heh. I really do want to get back to Thief eventually.

I've been leveling red mage again. I decided it would be easier to get some things for Blue Mage if red mage was already 75. I've got rdm to 65. I've done a couple Dynamis runs. It has been everything it promised to be: {death} {fun} {excitement} I've stopped at 65 for now to do some hardcore farming. My gear is really pretty pathetic and I need some upgrades. I've made arrangements with Leithe and Aeisor to do BCNMs which should prove worthwhile. A few scrolls of Utsusemi: Ni for each of us and we'll be well off.
I do want to get back to blu though. I leveled it a bit and it's up to 43 now. I still have a spell or two I'll need at 44 though. Aeisor is so good about helping me with spell hunting. I'm sure I would have given up blu long before without his help. <3 Aeisor
Other goals I have include:
Finish ToAU Missions
Windurst Missions

It seems like everyone I know is ahead of me with those missions and don't want to do them over again. It makes finding help rather difficult. Evidently, my linkshell is planning on doing a PM static, which would be nice, except I rarely have time for a static. They'll go faster than I'm able and leave me in the dust. *sigh* So I don't know. Maybe I'll just have to start shouting for help when I have free time. Those kind of parties have a tendancy to turn disasterous though. :/ Quite the quandry.
Anyway, I'd best get back to work. lol

Dec. 19th, 2006



So, what's been happening lately? Well, I've gone back to lvling RDM for the time being for several different reasons: 1.) It is the closest to 75 and I want a job to 75. 2.) It will be easier to lvl BLU with one job already to 75. and 3.) I want to be able to do more end-game type stuff, dynamis and what-not.
I really should work on crafting. I'll need money for equips and stuff.
So that's what I've been up to lately. I already got a couple lvls last week. But my mom is home from work all this week, so no playing FFXI all afternoon. Damn. I really need to get my own place. :P

Oct. 25th, 2006


Bah! >.>

I don't have a to do list this week cuz I just don't care. :P

Ok, so I lie. v.v FFXI has it's claws in me, there's no escape.

BLU to 38
WHM to 36 (maybe)
Sell arrows
Static Saturday


Sell stuff

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